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There are many advantages to choosing bus travel over other means of transport. A bus journey can provide you with the chance of meeting pleasant and interesting people. Opportunities to take photos will inspire you again and again. Every bus journey is a chance to step away from your stressed everyday life for a moment, to slow down your pace and take a little rest. And you can experience this at an affordable price, too. Contact our Local Bus Routes and Services experts for more information.

Coach Hire

If you are planning a major corporate or social event, rest assured that we will take care of your entire transportation requirements. We have extensive experience in hospitality, and getting large numbers of people from ‘A’ to ‘B’ simultaneously. We can provide multiple coaches to ensure everyone is picked up and dropped off together without a hitch.

We are able to offer many coach hire options from our partners and a variety of different vehicles. We can supply many of our vehicles at short notice and if you’re not sure what size vehicle you need, just tell us the size of your party and we’ll advise you on the best vehicle to fit your exact requirements.

Swinton offers easy bus hire in Manchester using ONLY our own vehicles so that we can guarantee the very cheapest hire prices.


Some of the options we can offer include:

  • Multiple coaches for a social or corporate event
  • Transport to a festival or other large-scale event
  • Transport to a horse racing event or sporting event
  • Transport to impress your clients and guests

Each one of our vehicles is presented in immaculate condition, and will not be put out for service until it has passed a number of checks for quality and cleanliness. For large events we are able to provide a range of double-decker or single-decker coaches, or a combination of both. If you want to really impress your clients or guests why not upgrade to a luxury VIP coach to really make them feel special. Leather seats, tinted windows, and air-conditioning will ensure they travel in style and comfort

Please Note

  • This website has nothing to do with the old Bus Route 38 website.
  • For more information regarding Bus Route 38 please contact the webmaster directly.

Sometimes, we do experience more buggies than we can cope with, but there is also ample luggage space for the collapsed buggy to be stowed. The driver does have absolute discretion over the number carried and buggies must not occupy the gangway areas of the bus or in any way hinder the flow of our other customers on or off the bus.

Wheelchair users must be able to "park" in the designated area of the bus, facing in the correct direction - that is with the headrest behind their head. Wheelchairs must be capable of being parked with the brake securely applied at all times when the bus is moving.
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate powered wheelchairs that are larger than the standard size or whose weight is greater than the Safe Weight Load restriction on the ramp fitted to the bus.