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There are many advantages to choosing bus travel over other means of transport. A bus journey can provide you with the chance of meeting pleasant and interesting people. Opportunities to take photos will inspire you again and again. Every bus journey is a chance to step away from your stressed everyday life for a moment, to slow down your pace and take a little rest. And you can experience this at an affordable price, too. Contact our Local Bus Routes and Services experts for more information.

Welcome to the Local Bus Routes and Services website!


Welcome to the Local Bus Routes and Services website. People of all ages and habits ride the buses every day, such as students and teachers, artists and lawyers, cleaners and doctors, all choose to use the bus rather than the train or other method of transport. The convenience, the sense of local community, the whimsical experience, are all enabled by local bus travel, and are not found in any other type of journey. You might find yourself striking up a conversation with someone you would never have looked twice at on the street, simply because they are sitting next to you on the bus. As such, the bus is a great leveller.

Travelling by bus also reveals numerous local sights that remain hidden if another method of transport is used. There are so many remarkable views, interesting people and gentle entertainments on a bus trip that once you try, you will never think of travelling locally by any other means again.

Another benefit is that you might have restricted time. When travelling by bus you can achieve incredible savings in journey time, and can get much closer to your destination. Moreover, bus schedules mean you will never be waiting for one very long.

With a bus journey there is greater opportunity for experiencing a connection with your local environment and its little wonders. Escape your workaday for a while and see your surroundings through new eyes. It will cost little, but make for an undeniably fun journey. If you want to know more about Local Bus Routes and Services, please contact us.


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Sometimes, we do experience more buggies than we can cope with, but there is also ample luggage space for the collapsed buggy to be stowed. The driver does have absolute discretion over the number carried and buggies must not occupy the gangway areas of the bus or in any way hinder the flow of our other customers on or off the bus.

Wheelchair users must be able to "park" in the designated area of the bus, facing in the correct direction - that is with the headrest behind their head. Wheelchairs must be capable of being parked with the brake securely applied at all times when the bus is moving.
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate powered wheelchairs that are larger than the standard size or whose weight is greater than the Safe Weight Load restriction on the ramp fitted to the bus.